What is our Aim?

Because Your Life Counts are a UK Road Safety Charity that aim to address the pressing issue of road safety among young people through comprehensive education and awareness programs. With a focus on reducing collisions, injuries, and fatalities we offer a range of session across schools, driving schools, and community organisations to provide a targeted educational initiative.

A Road Traffic Collisions is the largest killer of people under 25

The Latest Technology


Free Education

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The Latest Technology

we use VR technology and drunk buster beer goggles.

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We offer the Safe Road User Award. Get road smart and strengthen your knowledge and CV! You may even get money off your car insurance.

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All work undertaken by BYLC is delivered free of charge. We are a non-for-profit charity.

What do people say?

It was a great experience for all the students. They were engaged throughout and they used the VR technology as well as the beer goggles to experience a crash and what it would be like to drive drunk! SmartLearner, who hosted the event were very organised and gave a great overall explanation about the importance of safe driving.
Foxford School and Community Arts College
Head of year 11

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